Personal Training at Nuffield Health

Get fitter, healthier and reach your goals faster with the support of our friendly, dedicated personal trainers.

What can personal training do for you?

Perhaps you're looking for extra motivation to reach a particular goal or you want to build confidence in the gym? One-to-one sessions with our dedicated trainers can make a real difference to your wellbeing and your results. Our personal trainers can help you:

    Set realistic goals 
    Track your physical progress
    Improve your health and wellbeing
    Learn the correct technique for onsite gym equipment
    Keep your workout routine fresh and interesting
    Change your body composition
    Discover extra motivation and confidence

Personal Training is only available to current Nuffield Health members. 

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About our personal trainers

Our industry-accredited, friendly personal trainers are experienced in delivering engaging one-to-one sessions tailored to your abilities and goals. Our trainers offer a range of packages to suit your budget and needs.

Wellbeing Trainers
Ideal for beginners and getting started with your journey:

    Qualified to train you to high industry standards
    Skilled in planning bespoke programmes
    Experienced in delivering fun, engaging sessions
    Able to educate you in health and wellbeing.

Senior Wellbeing Trainers
Ideal for more specific fitness and wellbeing needs:

    Qualified in movement screening
    Experts in mobility issues
    Trained to address weakness or tightness in the body
    Experienced in delivering advanced programming to suit all goals.

CIMPSA Qualified

All of our Wellbeing Personal Trainers are registered with the Chartered Institute of Management for Sports and Physical Activity (CIMSPA). CIMSPA is a UK-based professional development body that aims to offer a single voice within its sector, providing leadership, support and empowerment for industry professionals and groups. It's recognised and respected throughout the fitness and wellbeing industry and ensures that all our Personal Trainers are qualified to the highest possible standard, which puts your health and wellbeing to the forefront.

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Wendy: from pain to personal gains

At Nuffield Health, our personal trainers pride themselves on building friendly and caring relationships with their clients, so that they feel comfortable and confident.

Your wellbeing personal trainer will motivate, inspire and support you, whatever your questions, goals or concerns. As qualified experts, they can help you to perform exercises correctly to avoid injury and tailor your routine for your lifestyle.

Over time, our wellbeing personal trainers can monitor your progress and shake up your routine to stop you getting bored and to see better results.

How to prepare for your first personal training session